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Product name



AmpliGold DNA Polymerase

HX101-500 (trial installation)


HX101-500F (trial installation without glycerin)

HX101-5000F (without glycerin)

Rapid and high-fidelity amplification, storage at room temperature for one month, freeze-drying

AmpliScript III DNA Polymerase

HX103-500 (trial installation)


HX103-500F (trial installation without glycerin)

HX103-5000F (without glycerin)

One-step high-efficiency reverse transcription can be freeze-dried

AmpliStrand DNA Polymerase

HX104-500 (trial installation)


HX104-500F (trial installation without glycerin)

HX104-5000F (without glycerin)

Direct expansion, high efficiency dissolution curve, freeze-drying

AmpliBst 2.0 DNA Polymerase

HX105-1000 (trial installation)


 Rapid isothermal amplification

Hycells Fast-RT one-step reaction system

HX106-20 (trial installation)


Rapid one-step reverse transcription amplification system

Hycells Glycerol-Free one-step reaction system

HX107-20 (trial installation)


Rapid one-step reverse transcription amplification system can be freeze-dried without glycerol

Hycells Lyo-Ready one-step reaction system

HX108-20 (trial installation)


Rapid one-step reverse transcription amplification system, containing freeze-drying additive, can be directly freeze-dried after adding probe




Introduction to key raw materials of Hycells




ShenZhen Hycells Medical Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GuangZhou HEAS Biotech Co., Ltd., focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of core biological material. Relying on the strong technical background of Guangzhou HeasBio, Hycells Medical is committed to building a complete supply system of core materials for molecular diagnosis.


The products of Hycells Medical include various DNA polymerase, reverse transcriptase, thermostatical polymerase, direct amplification enzyme, etc., which are optimized for different conditions such as yield, fidelity, length, hot start, direct amplification, multiple amplification, isothermal amplification, etc.

Freeze-dried without glycerol

Rapid and efficient amplification


high fidelity

One step RT-PCR

Characteristics of Hycells tool enzymes