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recently, the global new crown epidemic has fallen into tension again. The number of new crown infections in Europe and the United States has once again set off a wave because of the stronger transmission and infectivity of the new crown virus variant, Omi Keron. Although the domestic prevention and control efforts have not been reduced, but there has also been the Omikirong epidemic, epidemic prevention still can not relax vigilance. (Heshi Biological Health Guard reminds everyone: Take protective measures, wear masks, wash hands frequently, do not gather, and follow the crowd less)

period, our company continued to have new products to obtain CE certificates to help prevent and control global epidemics.New Crown Nucleic Acid Rapid Detection Solutionis even more favored by countries in Europe and the Middle East. The new crown nucleic acid rapid detection solution is providedNew Crown Nucleic Acid Detection Reagent and Constant Temperature Nucleic Acid Amplification Analyzer. The detection time of the entire process is only 40min. In addition, based on the constant temperature amplification detection platform, our company simultaneously arranges single or multiple detection of common pathogens in the post-epidemic era, such as HPV, FluA, FluB, RSV, UU, CT, NG, GAS, GBS, etc., greatly expanding the detection items of the constant temperature nucleic acid amplification analyzer.

the future, Heshi Biology will continue to build good products, go abroad and strive for the goal of making medical devices in China!

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Created on:2022-06-27 10:02