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the belt and road initiative Dubai's First Stop, Interpreting "Harmony" Plan

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the belt and road initiative Dubai's First Stop, Interpreting "Harmony" Plan

's annual UAE-Dubai Medical Devices Exhibition, has come to a close and the first global exhibition in 2022 has concluded perfectly. Let's review the wonderful journey of these days......

and new products

Matrix Plus and GeneV V600 of the JeTest series

attracted the attention of countless visitors,

all over the world are asking about the operation of these two devices.

and the status of the test items.

JeTest Matrix Plus

even won the visitors' love with full marks.

JeTes Matrix Plus

rave reviews:

visitors from Romania learned that Matrix Plus can simultaneously detect multiple pathogens (FluA/FluB/SRAS-CoV-2, CT/NG/UU, HPV16/HPV18/other high risk HPV) in one tube, and a nucleic acid molecule POCT product with a detection time of only 40min, expressing the idea of in-depth understanding of the product and cooperation;

visitors from Monaco learned that Matrix Plus can be used for home self-inspection, high sensitivity, simple operation and other characteristics, they said that the product is in line with local needs;

Visitors from Austria learned that Matrix Plus can not only interpret the results through built-in lights, but also connect APP with Bluetooth and automatically obtain the test results, indicating that the product is intelligent, humanized and more efficient;

visitors from Egypt said that this is a very interesting product and hope to use this product...

JeTes GeneV V600

also focused on the sight of visitors.

JeTes GeneV V600

word-of-mouth recommendations:

New Crown Nucleic Acid Rapid Detection Solution has given GeneV V600 an aura of glory, while the solution has been recognized in some countries in Europe and the Middle East and has won a good reputation. The performance of large detection flux, short detection time, small footprint, and APP reading of test results allows visitors from Pakistan, India, Mauritius, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Russia, Egypt and other regions to consult and cooperate.

in the new year,

and reality look forward to exchanges and cooperation with more partners.

make continuous efforts for the cause of health.

on the occasion of the Spring Festival,

and all the staff of real biology wish everyone a happy New Year!


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