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Animal disease refers to a series of complex processes of injury and anti-injury caused by internal or external pathogenic factors and adverse effects of the animal body, which are manifested as morphological changes and (or) dysfunction of local, organ, system or whole body. Animal diseases have been prevalent many times around the world, especially plague, African swine fever and other severe infectious diseases, which not only caused a large number of deaths of sick animals, but also caused huge economic losses. In addition to economic losses, more than 160 kinds of livestock infectious diseases and parasitic diseases can be transmitted to people, which also seriously endangers human health and poses a serious threat to public health. Therefore, it is very important to make early diagnosis.
JeTestTM molecular real-time detection platform can detect disease-causing genes according to the actual needs of agriculture and animal husbandry, so as to achieve the effects of early prevention, early diagnosis, and early treatment, and contribute to the control of animal diseases, especially severe infectious diseases.

JeTest Matrix 120 Molecular Instant Detection System
JeTest Smart 120 Molecular Instant Detection System
JeTest Palm Nucleic Acid Detector

Created on:2020-06-03 19:43