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pets and the continuous improvement of pet status have stimulated the diversification and differentiation of the pet industry chain. At present, the mature pet industry has basically covered all aspects from pet birth to death, including breeding, trading, food, medical treatment, training, beauty, etc. Among them, pet medical treatment is the pet sub-field with the largest technical content and the highest requirements for hardware facilities and talent quality in the pet industry. Pet medicine includes a wide range of contents. Pet disease diagnosis and treatment, disease prevention, vaccine injection, health care, production and development of special drugs and medical devices for pets all belong to the category of pet medicine.

pet diseases is an important part of it. In addition to common pet diseases such as leptospirosis, toxoplasmosis, and feline infectious peritonitis, pets and people have various genetic diseases, such as autosomal diseases, genetic diseases, and polygenic genetic diseases. According to Online Mendelian Inhertance in Animals(OMIA), about 40% of small animals have genetic defects. Genetic testing can make an accurate assessment of animal diseases, achieve early prevention, early diagnosis, and early treatment, confirm potential or existing causes, and assist pet doctors to give medication guidance. To a certain extent, it reduces misdiagnosis, avoids the unnecessary burden on pets and reduces the unnecessary expenses of owners. It is an important development direction for the diagnosis and treatment of pet diseases in the future.

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