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, human beings around the world have experienced SARS, Ebola, Bunia, Zika and other epidemics. The disaster is relentless, and people are affectionate, and the new crown epidemic is more closely linked to the hearts of people around the world. We can clearly see that due to backward medical conditions and other reasons, in areas with poor transportation, sanitation and medical conditions, such as rural areas and suburbs, the risks and challenges encountered in the face of the new coronavirus are greater, and this will cause serious difficulties for the collection, preservation, transportation and testing of specimens. As soon as possible to determine the epidemic as soon as possible, and then take the correct emergency plan, treatment, on-site immediate detection is essential.
The on-site rapid detection solution for Heshi Biological Disease Control is an on-site rapid detection platform based on the "JeTestTM series of molecular real-time detection systems". The platform is composed of JeTestTM series of molecular real-time detection system instruments and supporting reagent kits, power supplies, and pasteurization tubes. It can quickly detect samples in real time, and the test results can be obtained in only 5 minutes. All consumables of the platform are collected in a portable case, which can be carried by vehicle or single person, and supports the use of mobile environment. The platform can quickly form the combat effectiveness of real-time detection and meet the requirements of "fast, accurate and flexible" disease prevention and control. The use of the platform can further improve the ability of relevant professionals to respond to emergencies in the field of disease control and prevention.

JeTest Matrix 120 Molecular Instant Detection System
JeTest Smart 120 Molecular Instant Detection System

Created on:2020-06-03 19:36