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there are many ports in our country, with the increase of international exchanges and trade, the flow of entry and exit personnel is faster, which puts forward higher requirements for the reception capacity of major entry and exit/ports, especially the inspection and quarantine capacity. Due to the different epidemics in different countries and regions, in order to prevent the spread of the disease, the port testing items are not only diverse, but also must be detected, accurately and quickly. In order to get results quickly anytime and anywhere, it has become very important and urgent to establish a sound rapid epidemic prevention and control detection system at major entry/exit ports.
The on-site rapid detection solution for entry and exit/port is an on-site rapid detection platform based on the "JeTestTM series of molecular real-time detection systems". It is specially designed for inspection and quarantine units such as entry and exit, ports, and airport bureaus. It has portability, Mobility and rapidity. The platform consists of JeTestTM series of molecular real-time detection system instruments, supporting reagent packages, power supplies, pasteurization tubes, etc. It can quickly detect samples in real time, and the detection results can be obtained in 5 minutes. All consumables of the platform are collected in a portable case, which can be carried by vehicle or single person, and supports the use of mobile environment. The platform can help strengthen the capacity-building of epidemic prevention and control, build a fortification for our country, and make a significant contribution to the prevention of the spread of major infectious diseases, the import of cases and biological invasion in China.

JeTest Matrix 120 Molecular Instant Detection System
JeTest Smart 120 Molecular Instant Detection System

Created on:2020-06-03 19:40