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primary medical and health institutions include community health service centers (stations), township (street) health centers, village clinics, outpatient departments, clinics (infirmaries), etc., accounting for 95% of the number of medical institutions in my country. At present, under the policy trend of "graded diagnosis and treatment" and "serious illness does not leave the county", my country has promulgated the "On-site Real-time Testing of Primary Medical and Health Institutions Application Expert Consensus" to promote the improvement of the medical service system and ensure the health of primary medical and health services Advance, making grassroots inspections continue to develop in the direction of real-time, quantitative and miniaturization of testing equipment, and the development of various inspection projects in primary medical institutions is very demanding, such as myocardium, nail function, hormone, etc. However, most of the primary medical and health institutions currently only have biochemical blood cells, and even only the most basic testing equipment such as blood routine. They lack equipment suitable for use and advanced methods, and there are many old and chronic diseases, many common diseases, low level of doctors, and convenient and fast testing methods. Become an urgent need for grassroots doctors.
Hesi Bio's bedside/primary medical solution is an on-site rapid detection platform based on the "JeTestTM series molecular real-time detection system". The platform is composed of JeTestTM series molecular real-time detection system instruments and supporting reagent kits, power supplies, pasteurization tubes, etc. It can quickly detect samples in real time, and the detection results can be obtained in 5 minutes. The platform can help primary medical institutions to expand testing projects, broaden the scope of services, improve medical quality, set up "can not open" in the past, but "fast results, can make money" projects, and can facilitate patients, save patient time.

JeTest™ Matrix 120 Molecular Instant Detection System
JeTest™ Smart 120 Molecular Instant Detection System

Created on:2020-06-03 19:46